Are Thick Panties Good? – Let’s Find Out What Makes Them Special

There are a lot of things to consider when you are out to buy a new pair of undies for yourself. Women normally lookout for good color, nice shape, and trendy design when picking out their new set of panties. However, these things should be at the bottom of your concerns as underwear is the most delicate part of our dressing, especially for females. The best-looking, and the most expensive underwear might not be worth it for you. I mean is it worth going for a sexy looking pair of underwear if all they are going to bring to you is discomfort, irritation, and itchiness? 

Therefore, the next time you are in for some undergarment shopping, you must make sure that comfort and ease of use must be your top priority. The sad part is that many females know about this, and they still do not manage to get the right kind of underwear for themself. The reason behind that is they do not know what underwear types are out there, and what is the purpose of every type. It is quite obvious that different underwear types have different purposes. Yet, many females are unaware of the different types of panties let alone what they are useful for.   

Thick panties have been rated as one of the most comfortable, and durable panty types. Women seem to love thick panties, and the liking for them is increasing day by day. Still, many girls out there do not know if there are any better options out there or not. I felt like all my female readers needed a comparison. Therefore, this article is going to discuss different panty types in comparison to thick panties, their purpose and uses and then I am going to leave it to you to decide which type of underwear is going to bring you the best experience.  


As the name suggests, thick panties mean panties that are slightly thicker than normal ones. The image of them is already appearing in your head by now, and many of you must be wearing one right now as well. Thicker panties are designed to provide more protection. However, as the demand for them is increasing each day, companies have come up with numerous ways to top this protection feature with added comfort features as well. Let me assure you that women want nothing more from their regular, everyday wear panties than protection and comfort.  

This is also the reason this type of panties is very popular. Modern thick panties are made with extra padding which means that there is a lot of protection. Meanwhile, the extra padding is wrapped with cotton or a soft material cloth which means that women find it very comfortable to wear it for longer periods of time without any itch or irritation.  

Women love the feeling of the soft cloth around their vjay, and it seems to relax them down. Thus, it adds to the number of reasons why thick panties are being sold more than any other kind of panties when it comes to everyday use. The extra padding is very crucial especially during that ‘time of the month’ as it prevents any sort of leakage, and prevents any embarrassing moment.  

However, nothing is perfect, and there is indeed a downside to thick panties as well.  


  • The extra thickness might cause sweating, and extra moisture if the panty is worn for longer periods of time.  
  • Many females’ complaint that after several hours of wearing the panties during a hot day or during an active day, they feel numb around the area and feel soreness. 

However, not every female can relate to this and there are not a lot of references of women complaining a lot about this issue. Still, we wrote this down because it is your right to know this.  

Anyway, since thick panties are fully covered, for now, let’s just dive in deeper and see what are some other kinds of panties, and what benefits do they bring with them.  


(I) Briefs 

Briefs are one of the most comfortable-rated underwear types as well. In fact, this is indeed the most common panty type females wear every day. 

thick panties

Briefs are very durable, comfortable and you do not even feel them normally except if they have a lot of fabric or embroidery. They are the perfect underwear type to wear if you are rocking a very tight pair of sweatpants or denim jeans.  

v(II) Hipster  

Hipster panties are known for being sleek, and very cute looking (Yeah, that’s what women call them). Hipster panties are low cut, and they are right around your waist. 

thick panties

The best part about hipster panties is that you do not need to worry about them showing above your jeans or pants. Similar to Briefs, you can easily wear them under denim or tight sweatpants.  

(III) Thongs  

Thongs are another one of the most comfortable and easy-to-wear underwear on this list. While many people know thongs because of the sex appeal they provide, and also due to the reason thongs are what women are mostly wearing in adult movies, there is a lot more to them. 

thick panties

Thongs almost fully expose your cheeks which means that they are made to cover the most sensitive part only. Again, you can easily pair them up with any kind of jeans or pants.  

(IV) Control Briefs  

Control Briefs are like briefs but they are much bigger in size. They are larger in size and are meant to cover your belly. 

thick panties

Women who are conscious about their belly like to wear them a lot as they cover it and due to the fitting of control briefs, it seems as if you are in great shape. 


While there are many other types of panties that are not discussed here, I only wrote about the ones which are the most common and comparable to the thick panties. At the end of the day, there is no hard and fast rule about which panty you should wear, and it all comes down to personal preference.  


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Renee Marin

Renee Marin

Renee Marin is the former market editor for EstrellaIntima. While studying fashion and business at LIM College in New York, she held internships at Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, College Fashionista, and Harper's BAZAAR. Renee Marin covers fashion news, trends, shopping, travel, celebrity style, and more for When she's not glued to her phone or laptop, she enjoys traveling, brunching, and tweeting bad jokes.

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