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What You Wear to Bed and What Guys Think About It

What You Wear to Bed and What Guys Think About It

Not one sleepwear outfit that doesn’t look sexy and great on women. There are however sexier items than others and guys have distinct mindsets. What appeals to your guy might not be what appeals to me? Don’t let this stop you from being sexy when coming to bed. Wear a sexy outfit and teach your guy to notice it. Take time and learn what your guy likes then shop for sexy nightwear.


Its sluggishly sexy and most guys love it. it looks like you are coming to bed in a good mood ready to turn him on. He might jump out of bed or throw away the blanket when he sees you in it.

Men shirt

This is an effortless way to wear a sexy outfit to bed. Unless it’s the shirt he plans to go to work with tomorrow; you can’t go wrong on this. Super sexy

Black lingerie with garters

This is a super sexy outfit, and you will be grateful you wore it to bed tonight. For the guys, the garters send a sexy message separate from the one sent by the lingerie. Combined, these messages will make him rip it off you effortlessly making it more fun for him.

Full-length pajamas

To him, you might look sexy, but the outfit screams no sex tonight. It isn’t a turn off for him, but if you complete it with an eye mask and fuzzy slippers, he gets the message pretty well.

Shorts pajamas

This outfit is the cousin to the full-length pajamas but slightly sexy. To him, he might get something tonight, but he has to apply a bit of effort. The outfit says you need to sleep but can be convinced to play some games tonight with the effort of course.

Red lingerie

This type of lingerie is just underwear but the sexy kind. It’s a great bedtime outfit, and he might jump on you on the sight of this. He won’t fail to notice the lingerie, and it says “I want you tonight” more than any other outfit.


The sexier cousin to the red lingerie and turns him on in a great way. However, most guys would choose to diffuse a bomb instead of removing this sexy underwear. Turns him on but making out and getting into the game becomes a puzzle.

Cami and tap shorts

Remember the romper? This is her sister but shiny and super sexy.


So sexy and more revealing. Trust me he won’t fail to notice the thong and the message is quite clear. His response will be appreciated.

Sheer nightie

It’s more than just a sleeping dress. For the guys, sheer nightie is an ultimate turn on. It stays on since he can see you naked up until he needs to touch your nipples.

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Top Sexy Nightwear That Will Turn Him On

Top sexy nightwear that will turn him on

After spending the day in tight, formal and not so comfortable clothes, ladies crave for relaxing night dresses. These dresses are designed to provide comfort and allow them to move around freely. However, times have changed, and nighttime is no longer sleep time only, its fashion time. It might sound absurd, but it’s true. For the ladies who are married or live with their partners, this is the right moment to show the guys what you got.

There are different night dresses for women and the best to turn him on for the night are:


This is more like underwear but sexier than the underwear. Red lingerie sends a clear message to him. It’s time to turn the engine on and on her for the night. Nothing about lingerie even suggests sleep.  Wear lingerie to bed, and it’s on!

nightwear sleep


Ladies are afraid to wear a bodysuit in bed fearing it might turn him off but it’s the exact opposite. Bodysuits come in different colors and print, and the best ones are the brightly colored. An appealing color that doesn’t blind him but turns him on. It’s revealing, and it’s just about what a guy needs to see to get turned on.


Sleeping in the nude is the best way to turn him on. He won’t be able to resist you in the nude and getting turned on won’t be an option unless he is sedated.


These are for the ladies who are not fans of girly nightwear. Rock with revealing shorts to bed, and you can rock that with a bra too. The bra might not be so comfortable, but it’s not going to be on you for so long if he gets turned on. It’s a nice way of showing the sexy in you.


Bring the sexy back to your bedroom and turn him on with undies and a bra. Effortlessly look sexy and watch as he gets turned on. You can opt to wear the undies with or without a bra but whatever the case, he is going for it.


They represent classy lingerie, and they are super sexy. The outfit says am sexy and want to turn you on and am still comfortable in what am wearing. If he doesn’t get turned on by this, get a counselor.

Avoid wearing nightwear that sends mixed signals if you want to turn him on. Wear sexy outfits that send the right message.

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Tips on how to wear a bra that makes your breasts look hot

Tips on how to wear a bra that makes your breasts look hot

Did you know you could wear a bra and make your breast look hot? The mistake most ladies make when shopping for undies and bra is choosing any style and design. For every woman out there, having a great physique is a dream come true and it makes them look more beautiful. A woman with a great and firm chest attracts more attention from dudes and other ladies alike.

Your breasts need to be taken good care of to remain tight, healthy and smooth for as long as possible. You can use a bra to shape your breasts and make them look better.

Wear the right fit

One of the worst things you can do to your breasts is wearing an ill-fitted bra. No matter how fabulous the cleavage looks, you might be torturing your breasts with the wrong size bra. To make your breasts look hotter, wear the right size bra that makes you look and feel glamorous and comfortable as well.

Get a pair of padded bras

A padded bra enhances the way your breast looks like. Get the right size and padded bra to make your breasts look hotter. Wear the bra in a way that you scoop your breasts in place on top of the padding to make them look great and attractive.

A pushup bra does the trick

A push-up bra makes your breasts look better and more attractive. For those who are reluctant to wear the pushup bra, check out the best pushup bras. A push-up bra also makes your cleavage look sexy and hot.

Wear a water bra

These are preferred by most women over padded and push up bras because they are more comfortable. They look natural, and they are much softer. They are the best enhancement bras for ladies with bigger boobs.

Get an underwire bra

Underwire bras work with your bust size and at the same time offer a subtle lift. They give your breasts a comfortable and natural shape. If you have prominent ribs, the underwire bra can be a little uncomfortable for you.

Replace your bras

Old and worn out bras don’t hold your chest up well. Some bras like Spandex tend to break down when they are worn frequently for some time. If your bra collection is old, get to a boutique and buy a few pairs to compliment your lingerie collection.

Wearing a bra can make your breast look hot as compared to going nude obviously. However, you have to choose the right size and type for the best results.