Picking The Best Lingerie for You

Lingerie is a word familiar to everyone, and most people think they know the meaning, but they actually don’t. When lingerie comes up, most ladies believe it’s about choosing revealing undies and a matching bra, but that’s not the case. You first have to understand there is a difference between lingerie and underwear. It’s a grey area that confuses most people.

If you are going shopping for lingerie, you first have to understand your type of body. The best lingerie is not all about looking sexy but feeling comfortable while wearing it is also important. If you are buying underwear for the first time, the experience might be exhilarating but don’t worry we will guide you through it.

Try it on

Head to your local boutique for a fitting and try on the lingerie you want. Don’t decide at home on what you want and just add it to your shopping cart. Don’t worry about your measured size. Go with what feels good when you wear it. Lingerie is more than just looking sexy. It’s about feeling comfortable and feeling sexy not just the looks.

The fitting experts will help you out here, and you will make a better choice with their help.

Start slow

Don’t go directly for the three set fasteners if you haven’t tried the normal lingerie and loved it. If you are a beginner, go for different looking sets, and don’t buy bras only a full set is much better. Build your lingerie collection slowly by slowly and go with what you like first.

High-quality fabrics

If the lingerie you want is a good fit and the fitting expert agrees with you, the next thing to look out for is the quality of the fabric. High-quality fabric is the foundation of the lingerie, and it’s so important. Low-quality fabric can be uncomfortable to wear and have weird designs. Go for the beautiful laces and silk with a unique design.

Choose what makes you feel incredible

This is the first thing you wear in the morning after a shower. You need to love it first, and this can only happen if you look amazing in it. Choose the lingerie style that fits your body type and one that makes you feel and look great. The rest will automatically happen.

Pair up your lingerie

Wearing lingerie feels great than sleeping nude or wearing undies and a bra for a whole month. However, if you are in a cold country, wearing lingerie especially for bed proves to be hard. Pair up your lingerie according to the season. If you choose to wear them when going out for a party or to work, avoid the thin and other lace fabrics.


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Renee Marin

Renee Marin

Renee Marin is the former market editor for EstrellaIntima. While studying fashion and business at LIM College in New York, she held internships at Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, College Fashionista, and Harper's BAZAAR. Renee Marin covers fashion news, trends, shopping, travel, celebrity style, and more for EstrellaIntima.com. When she's not glued to her phone or laptop, she enjoys traveling, brunching, and tweeting bad jokes.

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