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Sexy Games To Turn Him On

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Your guy loves you already, but you want him to get turned on, even more, when he sees you. So what do you do to keep him wanting more and more of you especially during bedtime? Game night is not for the bored kids, but this version is for the grown-ups who live together.

Some of these sexy games to turn him on work best with particular outfits when you are in the nude and many other sexy wear. If you think you are up for it, try out these sexy games and get him super turned on:

Time bomb

It’s a familiar game where the couple sets a random time limit like 20 minutes for example and do foreplay. You don’t get to indulge in the act until the time set expires and during this time, you are allowed to kiss, touch and caress each other but not engage in the act.

After the time expires, both of you are so turned on, and within no time, you will be both in the nude enjoying the fruits of your love and patience. No one can resist this game.

Sexual fantasies

It’s one of the best ways to turn him on and stay in control. You get to know his fantasies like playing a slave, and you wear your best lingerie or corset to the bedroom for the game. You can whisper sexy words in his ears as you dominate him and trust me, no single guy will resist this. At the end of the game, your guy will be craving to get his hands on your sexy body.

Kinky cards

If you are a good card layer, this is one way you can entice him and get him turned on like never before. You get to play a card game and whoever loses or picks the wrong card gets undressed. You can set the cards to represent different things like diamonds for kissing, hearts for a massage and clubs for hands-on stimulation while clubs are for oral. Take turns and pick cards carrying out the required action and before the game is over, he will be super turned on wanting more of you.

Soft spanking

You get to wear your sexy lingerie and tie him up with a tie or handcuffs ready to punish him for being a bad boy. You aren’t nude, but you are in control with your sexy lingerie. You get to spank him with a newspaper, hand or a hairbrush. If he is into spanking, you can rest assured he will be turned on even before the game ends.