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Sexy Games To Turn Him On

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Your guy loves you already, but you want him to get turned on, even more, when he sees you. So what do you do to keep him wanting more and more of you especially during bedtime? Game night is not for the bored kids, but this version is for the grown-ups who live together.

Some of these sexy games to turn him on work best with particular outfits when you are in the nude and many other sexy wear. If you think you are up for it, try out these sexy games and get him super turned on:

Time bomb

It’s a familiar game where the couple sets a random time limit like 20 minutes for example and do foreplay. You don’t get to indulge in the act until the time set expires and during this time, you are allowed to kiss, touch and caress each other but not engage in the act.

After the time expires, both of you are so turned on, and within no time, you will be both in the nude enjoying the fruits of your love and patience. No one can resist this game.

Sexual fantasies

It’s one of the best ways to turn him on and stay in control. You get to know his fantasies like playing a slave, and you wear your best lingerie or corset to the bedroom for the game. You can whisper sexy words in his ears as you dominate him and trust me, no single guy will resist this. At the end of the game, your guy will be craving to get his hands on your sexy body.

Kinky cards

If you are a good card layer, this is one way you can entice him and get him turned on like never before. You get to play a card game and whoever loses or picks the wrong card gets undressed. You can set the cards to represent different things like diamonds for kissing, hearts for a massage and clubs for hands-on stimulation while clubs are for oral. Take turns and pick cards carrying out the required action and before the game is over, he will be super turned on wanting more of you.

Soft spanking

You get to wear your sexy lingerie and tie him up with a tie or handcuffs ready to punish him for being a bad boy. You aren’t nude, but you are in control with your sexy lingerie. You get to spank him with a newspaper, hand or a hairbrush. If he is into spanking, you can rest assured he will be turned on even before the game ends.

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Picking Lingerie For Your Girlfriend


Picking lingerie for your girlfriend can be such a daunting task. Most guys only see their ladies with bras and undies but can’t buy a pair for the lady. Shopping for lingerie for your lady can be hard, but with a little snooping, respect for her taste and a bit of trust in the sales staff, it can turn out to be fun. What you have to do is create a balance between your taste and hers.

You are buying the lingerie for her, so it’s best to consider her taste rather than yours. Whatever you do, learn more on her side. Let’s help you make it easy by providing a bit of guidance for you:

Go through her stuff

How else will you know what she likes and how she likes it? Don’t just wake up and go shopping for lingerie to surprise her. Go to her underwear drawer and do some peeking. If this proves to be hard, you can choose to help her with the laundry and get an opportunity to go through her undies. Here, you get to know her style and taste among other things.

Note down her size

In her underwear drawer, get three undies and bras form three different companies and note down the size. Different companies have different sizing and getting the right size depends entirely on what you find out. Don’t assume now that you have seen her size that you can keep it in mind. Note it down from the number of her chest size to the letter or cup size.

Get to know her taste

She is your girl after all, and you know her to some extent. Going through her underwear drawer will have you know what style she likes, her favourite colours, design and other things. Does she prefer bras and undies only or does she has another type of lingerie? Make sure you get her something special and unique, but it should be of her taste.

Share her fantasies and needs

If you find that she has some undies, that means she might need bras, or it’s the other way round. Try your best to gauge what she might need the most and get it for her, and she will appreciate.

Lingerie is best when it comes to fantasies. Share her fantasies if she has any and get her lingerie that matches them.

At the end of the day, you are buying a present for her not you so make sure you get her something she likes.

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Dirty and Sexy Talk: Tips On What To Say

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You are really turned on, but you want to make your partner feel the same without feeling awkward. What do you do? Dirty talk is the way to get him turned on and get his hands all over you: body to body. If you want to make things interesting for him, don’t get naked first. He won’t even dwell in a conversation before he jumps on you.

Wear that sexy lingerie you have set aside for special occasions and get ready to turn him on. If you come to the bedroom nude, the message is quite clear, and it says there’s nothing to wait for just get on it. Try talking dirty to him and get him turned on amazingly but then how do you do it without freaking him out:

Start shallow

Don’t suddenly start talking dirty to your man without signs of what you want. Wear a sexy outfit and start shallow. Slowly introduce dirty talk that is not explicit or too extreme. Talk while doing some sexy moves or actions and build up more intense dirty talk from there.

Start in the bedroom

The most natural place to introduce sexy talk is in the bedroom when you are all alone. Here, there won’t be any pressure on him, and he is in the right environment for dirty talk. In the bedroom, he is comfortable with you, and you are also comfortable starting the sexy talk.

Don’t overdo it

Use dirty talk to spice up your relationship. If you get too explicit, you could end up boring him or freaking him out. If this happens, the urge to make love or get turned on by your dirty talk disappears.

Avoid saying anything weird but massage his ego and build sexual tension in his mind. Men aren’t so hard to turn on with those sexy words from a lady.

Keep him going in bed by talking dirty

Dirty and Sexy Talk

Dirty talk is enough to get him turned on, and it’s also sufficient to keep him going in bed. Dirty talk makes everything so hot for you, and it makes sex hotter. Now that he is in the act, you need to be intense and massage his ego and keep him going.

It’s like you are cheering him on making him go on and on and on. Trust me, with dirty talk; he won’t feel the urge to stop. Thank me later.