Tips On Finding the Best Bra Ever

Shopping for a bra is not a top priority for most ladies. No lady wakes up on a Saturday thinking of going to the boutique to try on bras and undies in a tiny changing room. Shopping for a bra is more like a grab for the nearest one for the ladies. Most ladies have their size in mind, and when they see an attractive bra on display, they grab it and get going. These ladies end up wearing the wrong size, cut, and style of a bra because they don’t know exactly what to shop for.

Things are however changing for the modern woman who is now more informed and more fashion-oriented. Here are some tips on how to find the best bra ever:

Visit a professional fitter

You might not know your size, body type, or what suits you entirely but the professional fitter can determine all this for you. You would be surprised to know you have been wearing the wrong size, style, and cut all along. Almost all departmental stores and boutiques have one.

Know your measurements

The best person to determine this for you is the professional fitter. A properly fitted bra feels comfortable, and it makes your fitting clothes look so much better on you. Once you have your perfect measurements, you can easily shop for a bra online or grab one on your way home.


Tips On Finding the Best Bra Ever

Make sure the bra you are wearing fits no matter the position you are in. Some bras might be too tight, and when you bend, the thing almost snaps. If you are comfortable wearing that bra and you can make any movement without feeling uncomfortable, go for it.

When fitting, bend over and let the breasts fall on the cups then adjust the nipple to the center of the cup.

Get to know your body type

You might grab a bra thinking it’s your size and fail terribly. On the other hand, the bra might be your size, but the design doesn’t fit your body type. There are different body types, and there’s a bra for each depending on the shape of the breasts and body too. You might have small breasts but a larger back meaning you will need an adjustable bra to fit.

When buying a bra, the best thing is to fit, know your body shape and bra size. It’s all about the snaps, straps, cups, and bands so make sure your fitter understands all this before selling you a bra.


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Renee Marin

Renee Marin

Renee Marin is the former market editor for EstrellaIntima. While studying fashion and business at LIM College in New York, she held internships at Diane von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, College Fashionista, and Harper's BAZAAR. Renee Marin covers fashion news, trends, shopping, travel, celebrity style, and more for When she's not glued to her phone or laptop, she enjoys traveling, brunching, and tweeting bad jokes.

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